The alternative rock band Reach was founded in 2012 by Ludvig Turner (vocals) and Marcus Johansson (drums). The duo met when Marcus auditioned for Ludvig's current band and they immediately connected on such a level that they both decided to leave their bands to start their own project together. 

In 2014 Reach released their first album, ”Reach out to Rock” and after touring Europe with the debut album, the previous four piece restructured and turned into a trio now consisting of Ludvig, Marcus and the newly added Soufian Ma´Aoui (bass). In 2018 Reach released their second studio album "The Great Divine", an experimental and genuine album that was unanimously acclaimed by the critics. 

Reach is defined by strong melodies and original songwriting - they are keen to constantly be under development and chase a sound that is exciting and unique. Reach is also and most importantly defined by its members and therefor, while keeping Ludvig and Marcus as it score, they have gone through changes musically every time members have joined and departed. Reach is characterized by mutual influence, development and genuine joy. 

The playfulness and proximity of the trio gives them freedom to be a live band of explosive shows, intimacy and a lot of free improvisation. 

Recently signed to the Stockholm based boutique label Icons Creating Evil Art, Reach has withdrawn to work on their third studio album and at the break of 2020 they will start releasing their new music.